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2020 Tax Time

Welcome to another new tax year. The convenience of doing things from our place at our time is what we all wish, whether it is online shopping or dealing with any other matter. Lodging the tax shouldn’t be an exception to this.

Minhas & Co provide services where you can do your Tax return online with us, as well as having professional advice to get a maximum tax refund you are legally entitled.

Introduction to the Client Portal

At Minhas & Co, we live in your world and always strive to make Tax and Accounting easier for you. One of the steps we have taken to achieve this by setting up a client portal for our valued clients. To make the process seamless, we have a single sign-in integration with Google. So, you can use your existing credentials of these platforms to register and then log in to our client portal.

Using the client portal, you fill in not only your tax-checklist but also can have access to our exclusive tax tips and contents.

25% discount on tax return fee

To make it even more interesting, we are introducing a 25% discount on our standard tax return fee, for all the applications submitted via Minhas & Co’s client portal before 31st July 2020.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign in and complete your tax-checklist now or call us on 1300 941 180 for more information.

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